Alto Douro® Granite Paving Stones : flagstones & coping stones

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      Alto Douro® granite setts, flagstones & coping stones

      Our catalog!

      Granite terraces & pool copings

      GRANIT ALTO DOURO® granite will live up to all your expectations. It is extremely hard and robust. Non-porous, it is freeze-resistant and shock, scratch and stain resistant. It also has the advantage of being naturally non-slip.

      GRANIT ALTO DOURO® brings a touch of the contemporary to your exteriors and is available in a wide range of colours: light grey, dark grey, finely grained grey, beige, pinkish hues…

      This granite is exclusively European in origin and is of uniform colour and aspect. Setts, flagstones, basin and pond coping, none of our products are mass-produced or the result of endless duplication. We have no set rules apart from providing the highest quality products for our clients.

      GRANIT ALTO DOURO® granite can be used to create terraces, pool coping, pillars and also attractive pedestrian paths with pretty Japanese stepping-stones.




      Packaging & Delivery

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      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_Pavés

        GAD PAV 01

      • Pierres Naturelles_Granit_Alto_Duro_Big_Bag

        GAD PAV 02

      • Pierres Naturelles_Granit_Alto_Duro_Pavés

        GAD PAV 04

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_Pavés

        GAD PAV 05

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_Pavés

        GAD PAV 08

      • Pierres Naturelles_Granit_Alto_Duro_Margelles

        GAD MARG 01

      • Pierres Naturelles_Granit_Alto_Duro_Margelles

        GAD MARG 02

      • Pierres naturelles_Granit_Alto_Duro_margelle

        GAD MARG 03

      • Pierres naturelles_Granit_Alto_Duro_Big_Dalles_Privé

        GAD DAL 03

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_Dalles

        GAD DAL 05

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_Dalles

        GAD DAL 12

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_Dalles

        GAD DAL 13

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_carrière_outils

        GAD DAL 14

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_carrière_outils

        GAD DAL 15

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_carrière_outils

        GAD DAL 16

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_carrière

        GAD DAL 18

      • Pierre Naturelle_Granit_Alto_Duro_carrière

        GAD DAL 19