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      Parisian cobblestones in a famous inn

      30 Jul 2021

      In this unspoilt village on the eastern shore of Lake Annecy, you will find a legendary resort and gourmet restaurant: the Auberge du Père Bise. This is where we worked closely with a landscape architect for the landscaping of the park and the terraces. The exterior has been redesigned and landscaped to provide a bucolic setting for the restaurant’s customers.


      Sawn Parisian cobblestones

      Nobléma was chosen to supply Paris sawn reclaimed setts for the entrance to the auberge. The Paris cobbles have a unique rectangular format of 14x20x14. Sawn in two parts, they have a thickness of 6 to 8 cm. They provide perfect flatness and walking comfort for the workers and customers.


      Colorful Parisian cobblestones

      Nobléma delivered 500 m² of Paris reclaimed setts to bring colours to the place: reclaimed setts in shades of pink, beige, grey, bronze,… their luminosity varies throughout the day. These colours bring out the building in beige hues. The cobblestonnes are laid on mortar with a fine joint in light grey tones.The layers have sorted the cobbles to have a constant width and guarantee the same width for the joints. The excellence of this site is required and must be in the image of the restaurant.



      Paris reclaimed cobbles

      Parisian cobblestones are used for the kerbs around the park, the car park and the stairs leading to the lake.

      The staircases are made of concrete with a stair nosing of old cobbles. The height of the steps is the same as the cobblestones, i.e. 14 cm.

      The flower beds and landscape hedges are also bordered by Paris granite setts. With a height of 14 cm, they are laid 5 cm higher than the other paving stones or the asphalt of the car park. This creates a planter, delimits the car park and forms a gutter to guide rainwater.


      A great reference for Nobléma and the landscape team who worked on this beautiful place. We invite you to visit other Noblema projects in France. If you have a personal or professional project and would like to know more about our natural stones, setts and cobbles, contact us.

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