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      3 examples of laying Alto Douro granite slabs

      24 Jan 2020

      On the same site, we were able to lay Alto Douro granite slabs in 3 different ways. It is in a village in the Alps, that we realized a set of 2 terraces with a staircase in Alto Douro Granite. To fit out their outdoor space, our customers called upon a landscape gardener who advised them to lay fine-grained Alto Douro Granite with a grey colour and a flamed finish.


      Example of paving laid on a concrete slab for a terrace

      The terrace is very large and goes all around the house. It is accessed from the house through large bay windows. This gives another dimension to the house in the summer when the windows are open.  

      The slabs are made of granite 40 cm wide with free lengths of 40 to 100 cm to provide a rhythm of laying in the paving. The slabs were laid using glue and on a concrete slab in compliance with the French standards given by DTU 52.1. The joints are very clear and thin to remain discreet.

      Our customers can install tables and chairs for lunch on their terrace.



      Example of granite block steps

      Access to the park is from the 1st terrace by a staircase made of solid blocks of steps 15x35x100 with a 5 mm chamfer in front. The staircase matches the paving of the terraces and spaces for planters are provided to plant the entire park.



      Example of paving with grass joints for a second terrace

      To have lunch in the shade of this magnificent tree, a second paving with grass joints is made around it. It is laid in Roman Opus with 4 formats: 20×20 / 20×40 / 40×40 / 40×60 cm. The laying is done on mortar to facilitate drainage and give stability to the paving. A joint with compost and seeds is applied between the tiles to make the grass grow and live naturally.


      What is a Roman Opus pose?

      The laying of Roman Opus tiles comprises tiles of at least 3 different square and rectangular formats laid from a precise model and reproduced ad infinitum. It is important to note that the laying must respect a precise layout (plan). Note that the Roman Opus at our customers’ premises ends naturally without cutting the tiles by encroaching on the grass.



      Why choose a grass joint?

      Just like our customers, leave space for plants for a more natural terrace. In this example, the grass joint provides a transition between the terrace and the park next door. Grass seams allow for a pleasant and comfortable walk. We advise you to regularly remove weeds and to ensure a grass height of at least 3 to 5 cm to maintain the green appearance of your terrace.


      Why choose Alto Douro granite slabs?

      Alto Douro granite is THE material for your terraces but also for your stairs, pool copings, etc…Why? Because it is a robust and non-porous granite that is resistant to frost and shocks. In the hot season, it does not store heat and therefore allows you to walk barefoot without fear of burns.

      If you have a personal or professional landscaping project and would like to know more about natural stones, please contact us.

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