Cobbled courtyard and driveway

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Cobbled courtyard and driveway

We laid our reclaimed sandstone cobbles in a recently renovated old house. The implementation required 3 main steps: the choice of the paving stone, the preparation of the site and the installation. You will find in this article the details in pictures of these steps and the magnificent final rendering.


Step 1: The choice of cobblestones

After renovating his old stone house, the owners began to work on its exterior layout. The part that concerns us is a winding path between the terrace of the house and the courtyard and the driveway. The driveway is used for parking cars and provides access to a cellar.

The choice of the covering was made on Fontainebleau sandstone cobbles in a 15x15x15x15 format in harmony with the charm of the house and the shape of the land.


Step 2: Site preparation

The laying of paving stones requires preparing the ground. A professional was therefore in charge of dishing, levelling and modelling the ground with a crushed preparation to allow the sandstone setts to be laid at the desired height.


Step 3: Laying the Fontainebleau sandstone cobbles

For this site, we provide 80m² of these beige coloured setts. The installation is carried out in line with crossed joints on thin mortar by a professional.

The joints are mortar-coated with 0/2 fine sand made in two stages: a pre-joint and a joint. The pre-seal allows the seal to be filled perfectly.

It should be noted that a shoreline paver runs along the facade to protect it from rainwater and guide it outwards.

A beautiful realization that restores the cobblestones and the house all the charm of the old one.


Final report: Fontainebleau sandstone cobbled courtyard

After a drying time, the reclaimed cobbles are cleaned and the layout of the courtyard is finalized. A magnificent rendering that confirms the excellent choice of our Fontainebleau sandstone cobbles for this house.


 If you have a personal or professional project and would like to know more about reclaimed cobbles in granite or in sandstone, please contact us.

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